2017 Yarn Tour: Dublin Ireland

The 2017 Ireland Tour was our first tour. To say it was a memorable experience, is a massive understatement. Here are a few photo / video galleries, of our amazing trip!

The Tour Group

The 12 ladies that made up the tour group, come from all walks of life. We share one common passion though, and that is yarn. You can click on the photos to read a little bit more of each person.

Yarn Hunts

Winnie’s Wool Wagon

Our first Yarn Hunt was at Winnie’s Wool Wagon / Craft Cafe!

This is Knit

I thoroughly enjoyed our second yarn hunt to This is Knit. The vibe was amazing to say the least! This is Knit, has an indoor yarn brand, called Townhouse. Lovely, to say the least!

The Constant Knitter

The Constant Knitter is a tiny, tiny shop, with the most amazing yarn collection. I was stunned. Clearly floor space is not the most important thing!


Springwools was the largest yarn shop that we visited. There was a lot of acrylic yarns, but hidden in between, were very nice natural fibres. If you go to Springwools, you need time. Lost of time. It’s like Pandora’s Box. This shop is situated in an industrial area. If you go there with a cab, you will have to order a cab to come and fetch you afterwards. There are no cabs outside just waiting for customers, as it is an industrial area.

My Stash

This, is what I bought for my own, private stash. It might not look like much, but if you add the Euros up, and convert it to South African rand, it is shocking to say the least. But that is the aim of a yarn tour not so? To buy beautiful yarn! And I did exactly that! Click on the photos to see the composition of the yarn.

I must admit, I was hoping to see a lot more Green Elephant Yarn, Life in the Long Grass, Ellie & Ada, and Hedgehog Fibres. The Constant Knitter had some, but not in the fibres I was hoping to buy. The other shops didn’t have. It’s a shame really. But I am still thrilled, with my purchases!