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The Crazy Coat Designer CAL- May Group

May 1 - July 31


The Crazy Coat is not a CAL, nor a workshop. In a way, it is both. It is a three-month designer’s, online workshop. In the three months, you will learn everything you need to know, to start designing, and crochet your own garments. During the three months, you will design, and crochet, a coat or a jacket – what it will look like is entirely up to you! It will be just as unique as you are. Afterwards, you will be able to apply the same principles and make many more garments. And yes, if you want, you can publish the patterns!

The following topics are covered:

  • All about copyright (you have to understand what is allowed and what not);
  • Choosing colours to match your project;
  • Choosing fibre and yarn to match your project;
  • The project tug-of-war;
  • Body types and clothing types;
  • Creating or finding a template;
  • Special crochet techniques to add the wow-factor;
  • Finishing techniques to add the wow-factor;
  • Resizing garment patterns; and finally
  • Pattern writing and publishing on Ravelry.

We use a secret Facebook group for the interaction between all the members. All study material, videos etc, are published on the Facebook group only. Although the course runs for three months officially, you have my guarantee that I will not close the group until every person is done.

The next workshop is due to start on the 1st of May. Book your place HERE. I can only accommodate 100 people in each workshop series.

Soon I will have a Pinterest board up with the Crazy Coats from the current round! In the meantime, here are some feedback from the members of group 1:

Yvette van Wyk: thank you so much for this workshop. I have already learned so much and I have not even started crocheting my coat yet. The information you share on this course is priceless. You have opened a whole new world for me and I am so excited to start with my coat.

Phyllis Clark: I have learned so much from this workshop. The materials along with the videos have been so informative. I haven’t begun the actual construction of my coat. With your guidance in the planning stages, I know I will be able to create a coat that I will be happy to wear.

Samantha Ndada: If you want to know all the inside info designers use to create beautiful clothes… THIS course is for you! This is an amazing designing journey and nothing is impossible!

Angela Brown: In the Google age that we live in there is so much information out there, but on this course I have learnt so much more…all those little secrets…you watch the video and go…oh of course! Why didnt I think of that. Thank you Hilda for such an informative course that I have already started using in my every day crochet. Love and gratitude.

Riana Pretorius: Feedback from Riana Pretorius on The Crazy Coat Designer’s Cal:
Thank you for a very informative workshop. I have learned so much, that I feel confident to make more garments after this coat. What I like most about your way of teaching this is that I can make my own coat the way I like it, with my own colours, pattern and stitch choice. And I know there will not be 20 ladies with the same coat. You are a star!

Gwen Brits: Ek leer so baie met die kursus wat ek nooit op my eie sou kon leer nie. Ons wat op plekke bly waar daar nie iemand of ‘n kursus is wat mens meer kan leer van die fynere geheime van hekel nie is die kursus nodig om voor in te skryf. Dankie Hilda.



May 1
July 31
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Hilda Steyn


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4 thoughts on “The Crazy Coat Designer CAL- May Group

  1. Hilda, is die klasse vir die crazy coat fisiese klasse op die plaas? En as dit is watter dae? Dankie

    1. Die kursus word gedoen op Facebook, in ‘n secret group. Jy hoef glad nie na my te kom nie.

  2. Is daar fotos beskikbaar van hoe die coats gaan lyk wat se wol en hoeveel gaan nodig wees

    1. Bettie – jy ontwerp jou EIE, UNIEKE jas. Ek kan dus nie vir jou vooraf vertel watse wol jy gaan gebruik en hoeveel jy gaan nodig kry nie. Dis alles deel van die kursus: hoe om die korrekte wol te kies vir die projek, hoe om jou wol hoeveelheid te bepaal, ens. Dis ‘n ontwerperskursus. Dis nie net ‘n saamhekel nie.

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