De Oude Karee

Yarn in a Barn is currently situated on a smallholding, just outside Pretoria North, in the de Wildt area. This smallholding is now for sale, as we will be relocating to Riebeek Kasteel. On this page, you can read more about the property.

De Oude Karee is 8.5 hectares big. The bottom part starts off at the R513, and it runs up the hill right to the top where it borders the Magalies Reserve. Yes, we have had some wild animals come down. The view from up there is beautiful to say the least.

There is quite a bit of history to this piece of land! A man bought the original farm, right after the second world war, with money that he earned during the war. He also happened to save the life of an Italian during the war. This Italian’s father, had a marble quarry in Italy. To show his gratitude to the South African, for saving the life of his son, he shipped a red marble fireplace to South Africa. That fireplace is still in one of the houses. And it works! When building on the farm commenced, the children were paid 1 penny for each rock they brought down from the mountain.

The farm is known as Wildebeesthoek. Although we have a smallholding, it isn’t zoned as such. It is still zoned as a farm. De Oude Karee, contains the original farm buildings. All the smallholdings around us, have modern structures.

The Main House

Front view of the main house
Back view of the main house
  • The main house was built in 1949.
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pantry, front porch, back porch.
  • Spacious rooms with built-in cupboards in all the bedrooms.
  • It has oregon doors, pelmets, doorframes and display racks.
  • Screed floors.
  • Country style kitchen and bathrooms.

The Bottom House

The bottom house is built in the horse’s day camp.
  • Built in 2016/2017.
  • Built from rocks, with facebrick walls inside.
  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pantry.
  • Screed floors.
  • Still to be done: one bathroom needs to be finished, ceilings and built-in cupboards not yet done.

The Top House

  • Built in 1964.
  • 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 living areas, massive kitchen, back porch.
  • Will need some renovation.

The Round House

  • We are not sure when the round house was built.
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, small kitchen, big lounge.

Restaurant Area

The restaurant area
Coal Stove 1
Coal Stove 2
  • Huge entertainment area / venue between the main house and the top house.
  • Two coal stoves, both in full working condition.
  • 14 6-seater tables.
  • Dance floor.
  • Electricity and Lights.
  • Lots of catering equipment included in the sale.


Double Garage next to main house
Big laundry next to main house
3 servant’s quarters with 1 bathroom
Workshop and Public Toilets at the top

Other Features

  • Two boreholes, rendering 4000l/h.
  • 4 Water tanks.
  • 15000l dam.
  • Electric fencing.
  • Vaaljapie trekker included in the sale.
  • Farm animals: horses, goats, donkeys, pig, geese, chickens, ducks – all included with the sale if buyer is interested.
  • Massive trees all over the property. Jacaranda, Flamboyant, Kapok are the most promiment. Mango, fig, mulberry, apricot, lemon, naartjie and litchi trees as well.

The best part I saved for last……  MAGALIES MEANDER was created and de Oude Karee is right on that meander. This is the ideal spot to create that stunning restaurant for a family to spend the day out of town. If you want to view the property, give me a call on 0826416912.