Yarn in a Barn was born in 2013 in the weirdest way ever. As an avid crocheter, I saw a gap in the market and I had an itch to do something about it. My husband an I were both reading on our tablets, when I said to him that I think I should open an online shop to sell t-yarn. He didn’t even look up. He just nodded and said: “Great idea, go big”. For a few minutes I sat and thought about it. Then I asked him: “What shall I call this new venture?” Without a moment’s hesitation, he said: “Yarn in a Barn. It sounds cool”. And that was it. Yarn in a Barn was born.

On the 1st of December 2013, the first online order was placed. And the rest as they always say, is history.

At first, I had no intention of giving up the career I worked so hard on. I was a Business Analyst, earning a very good salary. I only wanted to run the on-line shop on the side-line. Surprise, surprise. I walked out of the corporate world at the end of 2013, and I have never looked back. My days are filled with fibre art, and I love every moment of it.

I hope you will enjoy Yarn in a Barn, as much as I do. Don’t ever be scared to take a giant leap of faith, to follow your dreams and passions. It is worth every bit of suffering you may encounter along the way.