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A Tunisian Surprise

Our Ireland Tour group, had the wonderful, and unexpected surprise, of meeting Aoibhe Ni, a well known designer in Ireland. Rosemary, from The Constant Knitter, arranged the event. Aoibhe is a bouncing ball of energy, one of those people that you meet and you immediately know, you will never forget her.

Somehow I just assumed, that Aoibhe was a crochet designer. When I walked in to the room where some of her designs were displayed, I thought it was knitting. If you saw this from a distance, wouldn’t you think it was knitting too?

Then I got closer, and my jaw dropped. It was Tunisian!!! Look closely at the stitches….

I managed to get some of the tour group girls, to model some of the pieces. Corinne was the youngest in the group, but without her, we would have been miserably lost on a quite a few occasions!

Beautiful Wendy liked the blue one.

Sonja liked the green one so much, that she immediately bought the pattern.

Marlene…. the naughty one. You can see it, right?

Thentia, the iron woman who made our trip possible!

Catherine, the Irish crafter who travelled several hours by bus, to social with us at The Constant Knitter.

This, is Tunisian with a difference.

Follow Aoibhe on Facebook and Instagram. She also publishes her amazing patterns on Ravelry.