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Cute little flowers

I always used to embellish projects with small crocheted flowers. Until I designed The Lover of my Soul. That afghan is beyond gorgeous, but I swore not to crochet cute little flowers again, for a very long time! Until today that is. Well, nearly.

I wanted a few cute little flowers for one of the quilt panels I am working on. 3D Flowers. So I improvised. Actually, I think these little flowers are way more beautiful than ‘real’ crocheted flowers! They are just so simple! Sometimes, the simple things are so inspiring!


If you need cute little flowers, here is the pattern. I worked with MoYa Plume Lace.

Start with a double magic loop and crochet round 1 into the loop.

Round 1: tdc1, dc11, ss to close the round: 12 sts

Round 2: tdc1, dc2 in the same st, dc3 in each st across the round: 36 sts

Round 3: tdc1, dc2 in the same st, dc3 in each st across the round: 108 sts

Cut your working yarn, close the round with an invisible join and weave away the tails.

That’s it! Three rows you are you will have a cute ruffled flower! Sew it to your project and voila! I sewed it in the round with a contrasting colour.