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The Crazy Coat Designer’s CAL: Melanie Hartley

Slowly but surely, those that joined the first round of The Crazy Coat Designer’s CAL, are making progress.

Melanie Hartley was the first one to finish her coat that she designed herself. Here is what she has to say about this course:

When  I started The Crazy Coat Course I wasn’t  at all sure what I would learn and what direction it would take. I really fancied the idea of doing it in the comfort of my home. Designing  seemed a mountain but this course proved it to be a molehill. 

I class myself as an advanced knitter but mediocre  crocheter. All the skills so far collected in my life have been brought together by what I have learnt. I now have a plan and direction when making a garment.

I loved being alerted to the wonderful story about wool colour design shape and size.

I have more confidence in picking up the hook and so many ideas for future  projects.

It is a new adventure, a complete new look that makes the conventional way look sad!

It has been so interesting to see peoples ideas all over the world too. Wonderful that there are so many people so passionate about crochet.

No more poorly fitted jerseys in my cupboard!

Melanie Hartley

Melanie started off with a beautiful stitch pattern that was simply perfect for the yarn she chose. First the back panel was designed.

And then the front followed. Note the change on the front – the stitch pattern was only used on the bottom of the front panels.

The sleeves were done brilliantly – look at the cuff!

And then Melanie’s project took a wild turn that I wasn’t expecting at all! She wanted a collar and border, that would remind her of fur, and this is what she came up with.

Her first coat is finished and she is already working on number 2!

Round no.2 of The Crazy Coat Designer’s CAL started yesterday, but you still have until Friday, the 5th, to join. Hurry up!

If you are wondering whether you would be able to do this, watch this VIDEO and then decide. Remember, your coat will be as unique as you are. No two will look even remotely the same!

Join me on this journey, and take your crochet skills to a whole new level. Book your place HERE.