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Guide to Greatness: Weaving away the Tails

It’s a job we all hate. Weaving away the tails. We try to avoid it any which way we can. We share videos of different knots – all promising that it will never come undone. But deep down we know, the risk remains.

There was a time when I joined with the Fishermen’s Knot and I cut the tails off. I did it for a long time, until the unthinkable happened – a project I worked very hard on, came undone. There and then I decided to find a better way, even if it means more work. You see, the little bit of extra work, weaving away the tails, is actually minute if you compare it to the rest of the work that has gone into a project. The bigger the project, the bigger the difference. Weaving away tails is really not that bad. You just need to know a secret or two!

My mother taught me to use a wool needle – a needle with a blunt point. I am sure you were taught that way too. Well today, I am going to turn your entire opinion on wool needles upside down! You don’t need a blunt needle to weave away tails, you need a SHARP needle! Blunt needles are wonderful to sew up seams, but not for tails.

Let me explain.

A sharp needle will split the yarn, a blunt needle won’t. Makes sense doesn’t it? Why do we want to split the yarn? To prevent it from moving! So here is what you do…..

You need a needle with a BIG eye and a SHARP point. These are obviously not easy to find. Most of the needles with the big eyes, are all blunt. But there is one little packet of needles, that you simply have to have. And this is what it looks like. Obviously you will probably never use the bottom one, but the other four, are amazing!

Thread your tail through the sharp needle, relevant in size to the yarn you are working with.

No go underneath the ‘feet’ of a couple of stitches.

Skip one strand of yarn, and go back through the same little ‘tunnel’ under the ‘feet’ of the stitches.

Repeat this a second time: skip the last strand of yarn, and go back through the same ‘tunnel’.

Depending on the yarn you work with, you will feel the yarn splitting. That is exactly what you want to happen. Once you have passed through the same ‘tunnel’ three times with a sharp needle, there is very little chance of a tail ever creeping out; it won’t be able to move as it is split and woven into other threads in the tunnel.

Beware: once you have woven your tails away in this fashion, frogging is a disaster. Make sure your project is perfect, before you weave the tails away in this manner. You can forget about getting them out again. If you have to frog after the tails have been woven in, get the tissues and the scissor. You will have to cut in order to frog and you are going to cry.

Here is the really good news. That little pack of needles, is only R25 in the Yarn in a Barn online shop. Order yours HERE.

It’s a pleasure….

6 thoughts on “Guide to Greatness: Weaving away the Tails

  1. Like this a lot it’s what I do as well but twice not 3 times will definitely try 3 x. Thx

  2. I so agree Hilda, I always use a big eyed sharp needle to weave ends in and if you ‘wiggle woggle’ a bit, the end will never come loose … pat xx

  3. Thank you, great tip! I’ve always used blunt needles and will definitely try the sharp point .

  4. This is one of the best ideas I have seen. Thanks Hilda, you’re a clever lady.

  5. I have a kit quite similar to this, bought in Sweden 😊 And I actually use the bottom needle (the strange round one) quite a lo! It’s great for assembling amigurumis, when sewing on little heads and legs 😊

  6. Oh yes that is exactly the way I do, but I use a blunt needle….but will definitely order my pack of needles with my next shawl order 😉

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