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The Way Forward

When the website crashed, I didn’t only lose the online shop, I also lost three years worth of blogging. Moaning and moping won’t change a thing, so I am embracing this opportunity to start over!

On the Yarn in a Barn Facebook Page, I asked what people would like to see on my blog. From the answers I got, and from some deep thinking on my side, I decided on the following categories:

  • Tool Talk: In these blogs I will tell you about different gadgets, that could make your crafting easier, or more interesting.
  • The Face: In these blogs you can meet the people behind the yarn and other products, that I stock in Yarn in a Barn.
  • Guide to Greatness: In these blogs I will teach you advanced techniques, be it crochet or knitting.
  • Yarn Review: Exactly what the name says; I will tell you all you need to know about the yarns in Yarn in a Barn.

I will include the blog categories in the blog title for your convenience.

I hope you will enjoy the new journey with me.

Let’s rock this year with fibre art!